Character Profile: Pixie Sinclaire

It’s supposed to be a compass…

Pixie Sinclaire…where to begin? Most of her childhood was spent traveling the NorEastern countryside with her father, digging around in old caves and tombs. At the age of fourteen, her father was arrested and deported for grave robbing–ahem, sorry. “Unlicensed Archaeology”–leaving Pixie to fend for herself.

She was recruited into the North Eastern Subterfuge Society, where she served the Empire during the war with Crowndon as an agent provocateur, smuggling plans in and out of enemy territory and sabotaging Crowndon equipment.

It was during this time that she ran afoul of Sir Rigel Rinkenbach and, despite her better judgment, began a long and sordid relationship with him that ended due to a disagreement on whether or not Rigel should build weapons of mass destruction to end the war.

Hey, people have broken up over smaller things, right?

After the war, Pixie went to work for herself, setting up shop on Libertine’s Roost in Demon’s Eye bay, home of pirates, mercenaries, and alchemists without conscience.

Character Profile: Pixie Sinclaire

3 thoughts on “Character Profile: Pixie Sinclaire

  1. Great picture. I love the “unlicensed archaeology”. The girl looks a little like the tall warrior woman in Game of Thrones, minus the red hair (and the apple).

    1. Thanks! It’s entirely possible that Brienne subconsciously fueled the look of the character, although in my mind Pixie is of average height and build (around 5’5″, 130 lbs.). I had another picture I did a few months ago that’s probably more representative of the character, but she’s wearing goggles in it, and I’ve learned that fans of the steampunk genre can get a bit hipster-ish about such things and am now trying to actively avoid the trope.

      Now that I think about it, there’s a character in a story I wrote several years ago, who pretty much IS Brienne of Tarth. I have a sketch…I’ll have to dig it out.

      Damn, I’m going to have to rewrite that..again.

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