Blackwood Empire: The Rogues Gallery, Vol. I

Last week I did a Blackwood Gazette accompanied by a mock wanted poster. I had a lot of fun making that poster, so I decided to do a bunch more for some of the major players in these stories. Enjoy!

Keep away from cats!
Steampunk Outlaw. Also, kind of a troll.
That's quite the resume...
Vintage Rinkenbach...
He's his own worst enemy, really...


Blackwood Empire: The Rogues Gallery, Vol. I

Blackwood Gazette #112- Von Grimm Gang Decimates Colonial Militia with Stolen Dragonfly Aircraft Before Retreating Into Frontier

By Chester Seaton, News

1/5- The Colonial Militiamen camped outside of the captured Fort Winstone received a nasty surprise earlier this week, in a horrific turn of events that has militia forces gathering as though they are going to war.

The second colonial cavalry had been waiting for a shipment of Dragonfly aircraft for more than a week. The air craft were an integral part of the cavalry’s plan to retake Fort Winstone, which had been captured by Doctor Argyle Von Grimm last month.

The Dragonflies arrived, but not in a way they had expected or hoped. Militia officials tell us that the train transporting the aircraft to a nearby air field was attacked sixty miles east of its destination by men believed to be part of Von Grimm’s gang. All but two of the air craft were destroyed. The other two were taken, flown off by two bandits who apparently had flight training. One of these pilots matches the description of one Klaus Klaudhopper, who was last believed to be fleeing from Doctor Argyle Von Grimm, as reported by Adella Chatelaine before her disappearance.

The Dragonflies are believed to have arrived at Fort Winstone two hours later, way before any message could hope to arrive. The bandits then proceeded to drop upon the men of the Second Cav the volatile fire jelly they themselves had planned to use on Von Grimm. There are no survivors.

A group of nearby frontier rangers witnessed the aftermath of the massacre, describing the site as a hell-scape of glassed earth and charred flesh, with the bones of men and their horses reaching blackened and smoking into the sky. The rangers then reconnoitered the fort, only to find that Von Grimm and his gang had vacated the structure and retreated into the deep ravines of Sattler Pass to the North West.

Field Marshal Ameron Lassiter claims that this atrocity will be answered in kind.

“The colonial militia is now mustering its full force and plans to march on the frontier,” Lassiter said. “We will flush the Mad Mechanist and his rabble from their holes, even if we have to flatten the northern ravines to do it.”

Blackwood Gazette #112- Von Grimm Gang Decimates Colonial Militia with Stolen Dragonfly Aircraft Before Retreating Into Frontier

Blackwood Gazette #77: Prime Suspect in Waystation Bravo Incident Captured; Immediately Escapes

By Chester Seaton

22/10-As reported by our own Adella Chatelaine last week, Klaus Klaudhopper, one of the only known survivors of the Waystation Bravo incident, was taken into custody by Colonial Marshals. After he was captured, he was taken to a Marshall garrison, where he was held for one day.

The marshals claim to have questioned the man extensively, but say that he remained tight lipped except to spew insults and curses in Rommsbachian. At a loss, the garrison’s Chief began prepping Klaudhopper for transfer to a high security prison in New Crowndon.

The transport was still a day out when what appeared to be two separate forces attacked the garrison. Members of both attacking forces match details in Miss Chatelaine’s account, with one group identified as the bandit gang led by Doctor Argyle Von Grimm. The other group, well armed and well trained, is unidentified, though rumors have begun swirling that they might have been members of the secret society known as the Ephemeral Cartographers. If so, it would be the first confirmed sighting of Cartographers by reputable sources in over one hundred years.

Surviving Marshals also claimed that the battle ended in stalemate, with both sides retreating. When the Chief ordered Klaudhopper checked on, they found no more than an empty cell with a large hole blown in the back wall, likely with dynamite. It is unclear at this time which group ultimately ended up capturing Mr. Klaudhopper, or if the man effected his own escape with the help of an accomplice.



Hey look, everyone…it’s a real life Sir Rigel Rinkenbach! (photo courtesy of Kasey Walton @

Kasey Walton as Sir Rigel Rinkenbach
Kasey Walton as Sir Rigel Rinkenbach


Blackwood Gazette #77: Prime Suspect in Waystation Bravo Incident Captured; Immediately Escapes

Blackwood Gazette #29: Massive Search for Waystation Bravo Launched; Several Airships Gone Missing

By Chester Seaton, News

26/6- Earlier this week, several ships, both air and sea based, set out from Waystations Alpha, Charlie, and Echo to help search for signs of Waystation Bravo, which disappeared from the Skyway circuit two weeks ago.

While the majority of the ships searched the waters along the circuit route, several reportedly broke away from the main search flotillas and made way for the strange storm that still has scientists befuddled.

While most of the search and rescue ships returned within the day, several did not. Port Authority aboard the remaining stations  report that the missing ships were those seen heading toward the storm. Further details on the crews of these ships are few, but they are said not to be regulars on the stations, with the exception of one Klaus Klaudhopper, a well liked bouncer from Waystation Echo.

Witnesses say that Klaudhopper was last seen in the presence of a tall woman that bar regulars described as being armed to the teeth. Several eye witnesses to an altercation the day before the search parties left say that the woman in question brandished silver revolvers. This has led to wild speculation about the involvement of the legendary Ephemeral Cartographers. Others still claim they heard the woman claim allegiance to the Scarlet Circle, though they seem to have no idea why a group of assassins would be looking for the wreckage of a waystation.

The Scarlet Circle was recently implicated in the strange death of Thedore Francis Williamsburg of Thorndyke the Third, the Governor of Walsh, two months ago.

While this potent mixture of scientific mystery, mass disappearance, and alleged involvement of not one but two secretive organizations may prove tempting fodder for the imagination, we here at the Gazette stress that readers take new details on this story with a grain of salt. Until we have hard evidence, most of these details remain conjecture at this point.

Blackwood Gazette #29: Massive Search for Waystation Bravo Launched; Several Airships Gone Missing